Guide to Wichita Pediatricians

Wichita Pediatricians

Thank you to Wesley Children’s Hospital, the region’s first and only children’s hospital, for sponsoring this guide. Wesley Medical Center provides the widest range of expert pediatric care in Southern Kansas, and their pediatric specialists are committed to caring for our community’s children. Be sure to follow Wesley Children’s Hospital on Facebook for details on the much-anticipated expansion of the new hospital this fall!

We know how important it is to find a trustworthy pediatrician and are here to help you find the right fit for your family. To help with this somewhat daunting task, we’ve compiled a list of Wichita pediatricians, organized by location. You can check out a list of comments and referrals from our readers here.

East Wichita

KU Wichita Pediatrics

Dr. Munza Atif

Dr. Lillian Blue

Dr. Kari Harris

Dr. Mark Harrison

Dr. Erin Kenny

Dr. Deborah Kroeker

Dr. Katherine Melhorn

Dr. Teolinda Milsap

Dr. Sid Sivamurthy

Dr. Natalie Sollo

Dr. Hasmet Uner

Dr. Kerri Weeks

Mid Kansas Pediatric Associates

*See also west side and Derby locations

Dr. Patrick Bowen *DO

Dr. Jennifer Crosse

Dr. Gregory Gherardini Jr.

Dr. Tina Haynes

Dr. Larry Hund

Dr. Debra Kinnane

Dr. Rachel Stucky

Dr. Taralyn Weiser

Dr. Jennifer Vincent

Dr. Kaely Walker *PA-C

Redbud Pediatrics

*See also west side location

Dr. Rebecca Reddy

Dr. Jaime Page

Via Christi Health

Carriage Parkway
Dr. Philip Newlin

Dr. Mark Springer

Dr Jose Sanchez

East 21st St.
Dr. Elaine Harrington

Dr. Luke Nichols

Dr. Kay Womack

Central Wichita

College Hill Pediatrics

Dr. Conrado Agustin, Sr.

Dr. Conrado Agustin, Jr.

Dr. Arun Kumar

Dr. Sophia Zinkovsky

Wesley Care Family Medicine

Dr. Kari Clouse

Wesley Healthcare

Dr. Patsy Barker

Wichita Pediatric Associates

Dr. Raman Chopra

West Wichita

Mid Kansas Pediatric Associates

Dr. Patrick Bowen *DO

Dr. Larry Hund

Dr. Tina Haynes

Dr. Rachel Stucky

Dr. Jennifer Crosse

Dr. Taralyn Weiser

Dr. Kaely Walker *PA-C

New Medical Healthcare

Dr. Roger Unruh

Redbud Pediatrics

*See also east side location

Dr. Rebecca Reddy

Dr. Vanessa Lopez

West Wichita Family Physicians

Dr. Kirk Bliss

Dr. John May

Dr. Kim Kenas

Via Christi Health

West 21st St.
Dr. Mary Le


Andover Family Medicine

Dr. Lindsay Landers

Dr. Micah Hall

Dr. Matthew Meschke


Mid Kansas Pediatric Associates

Dr. Patrick Bowen *DO

Dr. Jennifer Crosse

Dr. Gregory Gherardini Jr.

Dr. Kaely Walker *PA-C

Via Christi Clinic

Dr. Camilo Palacio


Via Christi Newton

Dr. Jill Brandt

Dr. Ricardo Patron

Pediatric Specialties

Neurology Center of Wichita

Dr. Subhash H. Shah – Pediatric Neurology

Kathryn A. Welch, P.A.-C. – Pediatric Neurology

Wichita Endocrinology

Dr. Dee Spade, DO – Pediatric Endocrinologist

Children's Mercy Wichita

Please note, we understand that medical decisions are personal, and we encourage everyone to do their own research when finding a doctor as all family needs are unique. 

Would you like to see your pediatrician on this list? Let us know by emailing us!

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2 Responses to Guide to Wichita Pediatricians

  1. Hallie May 5, 2016 at 4:08 pm #

    Dr. Sid’s (KU Pediatrics) last name is spelled Sivamurthy, not Sivamurth.

    • Angela
      Angela May 5, 2016 at 4:43 pm #

      Thanks so much for the correction, Hallie!

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