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Target Looks I Love For Spring

When people ask, “Love your outfit, where’d you get it?” More than 50% of the time, I respond, “It’s from Target.”  When I shop, I’m looking for something memorable or versatile. My style is classic and feminine, but I also like I like to throw in some quirky stuff, too. Target never fails me!   […]

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If Your Christmas Tree Could Talk

“Seriously, Christmas is THIS week, you’re just putting me up NOW? Eh, whatever, at least I’ll get to hang around until February.” This would be my Christmas tree if it could talk. Every year, I feel like I’m squeezing Christmas festivities and “joy” in as best I can amongst the hustle and bustle that is […]

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Thanksgiving Table Decor

3 Thanksgiving Table Looks

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays. It’s the food, the family… and for me, nostalgic memories of charismatic tables spreads. A little personal touch gives an already festive day that extra spark! Having good bones like china or pottery is certainly a plus (put those wedding gifts to good use!), but here are some really […]

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Halloween Costume Ideas :: The Snapchat Filter Family

If you’re like me, you spend a lot of time on Snapchat. And your kids to do, because those filters are so gosh darn entertaining! To those of you who’ve received 20 snaps at a time from my daughter—posing as an alien or dalmatian saying who knows what—thank you for your tolerance. With new Snapchat filters […]

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The Reality of Divorce: I Miss My Daughter

The Reality of Divorce :: I Miss My Daughter

I’ve been divorced for more than three years now. My daughter is with me 60% of the time and with her dad, 40%. Getting used to the schedule was tough. It’s what I dreaded most about divorce—the fact that my child wouldn’t be with me every night. It’s hard on parents and even harder on […]

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How to Get Your Big Kid to Stay in Bed

Until recently, bedtime was never easy with my 7-year-old daughter. Since birth, she was very accustomed to sleeping in my bed, and I often justified reasons why it was okay for her to jump right in with me. “Well, she had a bad day. I got home late tonight. She’s really scared.” Aside from being […]

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