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I Gave My Dad A Second Chance

Why I Gave My Dad A Second Chance

Since my youth, my story has been the same. It sounded something like this: “I don’t know my dad. I have a two-for-one mom. She is strong.” There’s nothing wrong with this story…except I was missing something: A dad.  With every breakup there are ideas to consider. Breakups aren’t comfortable, and their stories lack happy […]

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Detoxing After the Holidays: 5 Tips to Survive the Crash

The trendiness of “detoxing” kicks off again on January 1st. The carb loading holiday season is over. Hail to pumpkin pies and green bean casseroles, the delicious cakes and cookies, the offices filled with the overflow from recreating our grandmother’s favorite sweet things; halt fast food and eating out binges because “who has time for that” […]

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Skinny Genes

Skinny Genes

Special thanks to GoTimeTraining for sponsoring this program and brining quality health and fitness programs to moms in our community. So often I get tossed into the “lucky” category when comes to my body’s shape and size. At 5’8″ and 130 pounds prior to my second baby, I was the closest I have ever been to my high school […]

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“Sandwiched” :: The Difficult Realities of Caring for Two Generations at Once

As we approach transitions in our life, it becomes more common to experience a parent or loved one falling ill or passing. We don’t talk about it enough, and it feels like a taboo subject. It makes us face harsh realities, even questioning our own mortality. Unfortunately, for many of us, we will be like the peanut butter and jelly […]

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10 Kid-Friendly Valentine’s Day Ideas

If you’re head is still spinning from the just-celebrated holidays and you inadvertently can’t seem to write 2016 without errors, then the presentation of ANOTHER Hallmark Celebration may feel overwhelming. With Valentine’s Day close by, it often feels like a last minute rush for us to try to meet Cupid’s expectations of romantic. The truth […]

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