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7 Reasons Every Parent Needs an Estate Plan

Thank you to Dugan & Giroux Law, Inc. for sponsoring this post and providing estate planning and other legal services for Wichita families! Many people fall into the trap of thinking that because they don’t have substantial assets, they do not need to worry about estate planning. This is not true for most people, and it is especially […]

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5 Affordable Family Spring Break Getaways | Wichita Moms Blog

5 Affordable Family Spring Break Getaways

Planning a family trip on a budget can be so challenging!  As spring and summer breaks are quickly approaching, here are five destinations with family-friendly attractions that won’t break the bank.  All but one destination are within driving distance of Wichita!  Of course, each of these destinations has many more attractions, but I’ve picked out a […]

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10 Large Family Struggles

Since we have five children in a wide age range, we experience life a little differently than some of our other parent friends. Maybe you can relate? Here are some of our #largefamilystruggles: 1.  Scheduling ANYTHING is a nightmare.  This, this, this.  We aren’t just working around naptimes, we’re working around those PLUS early bedtimes for toddlers, […]

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The New ‘B’ Word

There’s a new “B” word in town, and it ends with “-ully.” I know that the anti-bullying campaign started with the best of intentions.  Bullying is real.  In fact, I was bullied pretty severely for a time in high school.  A group of older girls I didn’t really know decided they didn’t like me for […]

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My Toddler Can't Walk

Why I Don’t Want to Have a Play Date :: My Toddler Can’t Walk

I have an adorable, sweet, laid-back almost-nineteen-month-old little boy. I absolutely adore him and love watching him play. I also have a pretty large group of friends with toddlers about the same age, many of whom often suggest that we get them together “for a play date.” I nod my head politely, but inside, I’m […]

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Surviving as a Working Mom

Surviving as a Working Mom

People frequently tell me “I don’t know how you do it” in reference to my ability to juggle working full-time, parent three school-aged stepkids, and raise two toddlers. My response is, without fail, “not very well!”–and boy, does that fall into the #kiddingnotkidding category. Every day is a precious balance and, more often than I […]

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Confessions of A StepMom

Confessions of a Stepmom

As the only stepmom contributor on Wichita Moms Blog, I’ve felt like it was my duty to address some of the things the stepparents in our community might relate to! As I described in my intro post, I have five children: three that became mine when I married my husband, and two that I’ve given […]

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